Age Divisions (Age dancer is turning that year)
Tinies                      Ages 3 to 6                          Sub Intermediate          Ages 11 & 12
Sub Junior              Ages 7 & 8                           Intermediate                  Ages 13 & 14
Junior                      Ages 9 & 10                         Senior                              Ages 15+

Dance & Acrobatic Streams


This stream will offer training to students of all ages and abilities who want to learn a high standard of dance in a fun and exciting yet disciplined class room. Within this stream students can still qualify to compete in solos and teams, and will be taught at a high standard just the same as our competitive students. The difference is that teachers can tailor their classes to get the most out of their students, keeping in mind that usually these students have less training hours. There are no compulsory commitments in this stream although it is recommended they participate in the end of year show, as from term 3 onwards this is our focus.


This stream will be invitation only. This stream will only be people who have extensive competitive experience, have 100% commitment to dance both in class and at home, train in multiple styles and have been selected by a team of teachers after showing great work ethic, responsibility for their solos, and partaking in as many extra classes and workshop as they can on top of their normal week day classes. Only dancers with supportive parents who respect our teachers as the professionals, and are pleasant and cooperative will be considered. There will be a strict set of guidelines those in competitive stream must adhere to including attendance, training, behaviour and values. Students can be selected for competitive stream in dance but recreational stream for acro (or the other way around).

Troupe and team selections are separate to competitive stream selections. Competitive acrobatic classes are introduced from level 3 and higher.


Tiny Tumblers

Acrobatics for dancers aged 3 to 6yrs. Same as level 1 but for little developing bodies!

Levels 1 to 10

Acrobatic classes split into 10 levels. Dancers are assessed in flexibility, strength, stamina, limbering, tumbling, balancing and resilience before being placed in the level they are ready for.

Acro Addict

Acrobatic extension class for those who just can’t get enough of their normal acro level training. This class will cover only ONE skill area each week, breaking everything down, studying the variations and taking notes while setting specific goals.

Inter to Adult Acro

A specialized class for teen and adults at a beginners level to Level 3 for acrobatics. Ages 12+



Stunting, lifting, balancing and throws with partners and groups. Dance with poms.

Cheer Squad

Select experienced students who are ready for more advanced stunting. Invitation only.


Classes by Age

A fun dance style incorporating kicks, leaps, turns and modern dance choreography.


Classes by age

Dance style characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor creating rhythms


Ballet (by age)

Classical ballet technique and terminology taught with emphasis on correct body placement and proper use of turnout. Barre and centre exercises, as well as classical and lyrical routines.

Classical Extension

For those who want to do more than one ballet class per week, they can add this class to extend their training and improve their technique faster. Divided by age and stream (rec or comp)


Building a strong centre, and combining precision work with fluidity of the torso, contemporary dance encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation. All students wishing to enrol in contemporary must first be taking a ballet class.

Pre Pointe

An invitation only class for the serious dancer who has the proper form, strength and alignment to transition into higher level classical training. Selections for this class will be made at the end of term 1 after formal evaluation from the teacher and testing done by a medical professional.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop (by age)

Hip Hop is a street style dance originating from the Bronx in New York City in the 1970’s. Constantly evolving, it is a free, funky and soulful expression of movement used by artists such as Beyonce, Kayne West, Justin Timberlake, Neo, Flo Rida and Rhianna.

Teams & Troupes 

by Invitation

Select dancers are invited into a team or troupe based on their hard work, attitude, commitment, dedication, parent support, attendance, improvement, application of corrections, and team work.
Additional commitment is required, and those ready for these classes will be contacted.

Tinies Combo 

3 to 6yrs

A perfect introduction to dance for little ones! This combo class incorporates ballet, tap and jazz dance fundamentals of technique, terminology, combinations, rhythms and steps. Our focus is to give our little dancers the best introduction to their dance education while having lots of fun!